Purchase Individual Charging Station (Robot Vaucuum)

If charging stations were able to be purchased individually, it would allow for additional function of the robot vacuum for homes that cannot be completed in 1 charge cycle. Additional charging stations could be added to the multi-floor feature to allow the vacuum to be utilized across multi-level homes. It would also allow for replacement of damaged charging stations.

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Original Adapter Charger Dock for Viomi V2 V2 Pro V3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Spare Parts Charging Seat Module Accessories


The Wyze robot vacuum is the same as the Viomi v2

Dust bins, brushes, and batteries are the same.


For a US 120V version (I assume looking at photos since they don’t say?)

For XiaoMi STYTJ02YM MVXVC01-JG Charger Dock Base Charging Station Parts Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

(Selected: “with cable”)

Most of the others I found came with no adapter (or not shown/mentioned).

favorite part about that link:

“Shipping: $1.98 From China to United States via AliExpress Standard Shipping”

Global economy we live in. Just 6 short weeks you can get anything you need from China.

I didn’t see the different plug. Here is a link to just the base.

New Charging Base for Viomi Cleaning Robot V2 Pro V3 Vacuum Cleaner Spare Parts Dock Charger Station


You could get the other one and use an adapter, or get this one and buy the wall wart elsewhere.

Just in case it wasn’t clear, on my link…

For $48 it better come with an adapter.



I have noticed that many people will post that Wyze device so-and-so (plugs, cameras, lights, vacuums) are really another Chinese company’s products branded as wyze.

How does all this work?

Someone manufactures the product, and partners of that manufacturer, like Wyze, are allowed to put their own stickers on the bottom and software onto the device to brand it as their own?

I’m guessing that if you were to buy a Xiomi or whatever the name is vacuum below, it won’t magically work with Wyze’s app, will it?

I’ve noticed that at Home Depot in Mexico they sell some devices that look IDENTICAL to the Wyze products I own. They don’t sell Wyze there that I can tell. I buy from US and fly down with what I need.

Yes, Wyze, and a lot of other companies, partner with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). The OEMs create and design the hardware, and then Wyze pays to use that design, but they work closely with the manufacturer to get the design tweaked to their own standards, as well as branding, and getting wyzes firmware on them.

Wyze also receives help from the OEMs on the low level firmware, but this does not mean Wyze products will work with non Wyze ones, as the firmware is entirely diffrent.

This lets Wyze lower the costs, as the machinery is is already in place to manufacture most of the components.

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So when someone says “Oh, this Wyze device is really an Eufy XYZ123” or “This vacuum is just a Xoimi ABC789” or whatever, they are saying that the company Eufy or Xoimi is the manufacturer, or they are just another company that uses the same OEM guts? I’ve never understood this.

I think Xiaomi is the manufacturer in this case (for the RoboVac).

I went with Wyze because they keep prices down and I am familiar with the hardware used. Wyze’s firmware/software is also more trustworthy (over China OEM), but I still keep everything on a guest network to be safe and don’t use indoor cameras.

Edit, found something:

Thank you.

You have any thoughts on indoor cameras and privacy?

has anyone ever proved they were being watched?

i have one camera that makes some strange noise for sure. Clicks and stuff like the shutter is going on and off or the infrared is clicking on and off.

I had a wyze pan scan v1 that would reboot often. Out of the blue it would just do the ‘startup’ thing (left and right up and down), then go back to normal. That was fishy.

There was some security issues going on with the Wyze cameras a while back. I think they notified those who were affected? I didn’t spend much time looking into it, there’s a huge thread somewhere on this forum about it.

On my V2 & V3 it clicks when the infrared or spotlight accessory turns on, so that’s normal.

Frequent automatic reboots can be caused by failing hardware.

I think someone said that if the power to the camera – bad cord, bad power brick, back voltage level in house – that the camera will reboot or behave odd.

Yep. At least with it being standard 5V USB, you can try other cables/adapters. Bad AC supply would have to be noticeably bad I would think.

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