Glares on indoor cameras

Anyone know what I can do for my indoor cameras? The glare has gotten progressively worse over the last two weeks The thing is I’ve had them for a while now and never expierwnces this Tried moving them bit but same huge glare … it’s it even sunny this month It’s crazy I’ve tried turning night vision off no luck ! Any ideas

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What cameras are these? I’m not experiencing this on any of my indoor cameras.

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IN addition to @towelkingdom 's question, what actual firmware version is on those cameras? What actual app version are you using? HAve you reset your phone recently?
What trouble shooting have you done other than move the cameras? Have you power cycled those cameras? Looks like the exposure is not adjusting or something.


The Og’s

Hahaha umm no I have done any of that! Are you saying try that ?