Given up on using a Wyze V3 outdoors

I did change the lens on one of my cameras that was water damaged. I didn’t look for a tutorial, I just took it apart and then looked for a replacement lens on line, The lens I replaced it with didn’t have the same specs but it worked fine.
The only down side is that now I have disturbed the seals its definitely not waterproof anymore.

thanks for the reply. I brought mine inside and dried it out. There is now some dried residue visible on the inside of the lens but the picture is no longer blurry and the camera works ok (just lost some sharpness). Unless i can figure out how to re-waterproof this camera, I’m just going to use it inside (or face out a window). I’m just disappointed that this happened because I really liked this camera (and just bought 4 more in a recent home depot clearance sale). Now, if I keep them, I have to expect that the waterproofing will fail in a year or so.


I totally agree, I like the product, the customer service been excellent and I continue to use the cameras indoors but the water ingress issue is a deal breaker. They have to improve the IP65 rating before I’ll buy another one.

Here is a v3 TearDown video with lens swap.

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Same issue with all of mine… If they are in direct rain and wind is blowing on the front so the lens itself gets wet often you will have this issue.

Starting a collection of “Lens Sucked Water” V3’s

If I could source the exact lens I would by 10, lens swap is easy enough. But sourcing the same lens not so much.