Ghost obstacles

I had some moving boxes in my home entrances and now that I organized everything, why the robot keep avoiding the area?

In the beginning of the video the vacuum starts to clean an area where there was a box before and suddenly it goes back and then around the ghost. :ghost:

I sent the robot to clean the same area (area cleaning) a lot of times and the funny thing is the robot know that there is no boxes there (because they removed the lines from the boxes on the map but the robot still avoid the area.

Room 4 is the area.

I know that I can use a quick mapping that works like magic but for that I have to open all doors inside home, check if I have any obstacles in the bathrooms/closets.

If the robot has “eyes” and “hands” why is it avoiding ghosts?

Thank you.

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Interesting question! This might be a good one for @WyzeHongfei to answer, or at least be aware of.

Hi @victorssantos, thanks for bringing this up. To fix this issue, you can either run a whole home cleaning or perform a quick mapping so the map can be updated. The vacuum will not update the map when it is doing the room cleaning but simply following the path planned previously in that room. The current firmware does not support the specific room map update feature, but we are working on that.


Another possible workaround is using the upcoming multi-floor mapping feature to solve this problem: You can add multiple maps with different setup (doors opened/closed, boxes on the ground, etc. ) at where the environment changes frequently so each time you can select different maps to fit your needs.

I did that yesterday but I closed the bedroom doors so it less area to re-map and it worked.

Thank you very much

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I have this issue even on full floor cleaning. Every few cleanings, I move a chair or cat-stand out of the way so that the vacuum can clean that spot, but the vacuum still avoids it unless I remap the entire floor. So I cannot clean where the chair usually sits unless I erase everything I put into the map and start from scratch; at which point, it just creates a new map with the chair in it’s new “out of the way” location and I have to erase and do it all from the beginning again to get back to the original layout. It’s rather irritating.

Why isn’t it programmed to tell that that obstacle is no longer there?

What I did was, when I was creating my floor map, I removed from the floor everything that I can move (trash can, son’s bicicle, chair, etc) and put on top of the others things that I cannot move (dinner table, couch, bed, etc) so I have a “clean map”.

I do not know the complexity of a lidar map but if the vacuum has “eyes” it should try cleaning if it doesn’t see anything in front of it.

That the vacuum can only follow a previously planned map is kinda dumb. Items are picked up and put down. Sometimes they get moved. The thing has an array of sensors to help it get around…what sense is there to go around something that it can plainly “see” simply is not there? You move a chair 2 feet to the left and you have to remap the entire floor?