Getting Video data... Connection Failed

I have a number of Wyze Cam v2 that I get connected just fine to my home WiFi network but within a few days when I try to access the cameras I get the following error:

Getting video data… (3/3) ends with Connection failed

In looking at the signal strength in Device Info there is 3 bars. I have a Netgear Orbi with very solid coverage over my whole house.

I also have a Cam v3 Pro that is further away from the routers and it seems just fine.

You could try this to get it connected again:

  • Go to the account tab, About, then Clear Cache here
  • Shut the app down
  • Since you use Android: long press the icon and select App info, do a Force Stop, the in Storage and Cache, clear the cache from there as well.

Restart your device and go back to the app and see if it works for you.

Note: The Caera Image in the app will be gone until you Live Stream the camera again.

if that does not work, reboot your router and then try again.

I know I can get it going again if unplug the device and/or mess around with the WiFi but that is a huge PITA. Once connected these things should stay connected. The main reason for the cameras is so when I leave the house on vacation or for the weekend I can keep track of things.

I agree. Just trying to provide some alternatives. I have hooked my primary devices up to a Wyze Smart Plug so I can power cycle if needed.

That’s an option. Key word ‘primary’! If you add a smart plug to every device you should probably just spend the long dollar on a more reliable device. :wink:

I actually have Ethernet run to all of my outdoor cameras and use the Power side of PoE. So only one plug was needed.

What is interesting to me is that I am not experiencing the same issues.

What version of the app and firmware are you running? I signed up to beta test so some of my devices have beta FW on them.

I’m running the latest software on my phone and cameras. All cameras show the firmware is up to date. phone app is v2.38.0 (153)