Getting this on multiple platforms. No adblocker installed

Error: It looks like your adblocker is blocking our kaptcha service. In order to log in, please temporarily disable your adblocker and refresh so kaptcha can work properly. We need to make sure that you aren’t a robot!

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I got the same thing a few minutes too. And I also do not have an adblocker on this computer. Google Chrome on a Win10 desktop.

Which Browser are you using, have you tried a different browser?

I saw a post where it was recommended to clear your cookies and try again.

The Web View only works on Chrome, so no, I have not tried another browser. I posted the other error message I have gotten last night (in a different thread), and again today. That one is an XML message that says: Full authentication is required to access this resource and unauthorized.

This was reported in discord, but it went away after a while. Can you try now?