Getting a Wyze camera app running on a Windows 10 PC using Bluestacks

I installed Bluestacks Android emulator on my Windows 10 PC and can’t get the Wyze app to install so I can control my V3 camera from my PC. How do I get this to work?

Hi Jerry

What Bluestacks version number and what’s the error message and/or a description of how the install fails?

I believe I installed Bluestack 5 and the error when I try to install the Xapk is Xapk installations failed: FRONTEND_NOT_STARTING.

Are you installing the Wyze app through Google Play Store within Bluestacks?

I’m also having a problem on Windows 10 BlueStacks. The app opens, but if I try to view the stream it says Failed to Connect Error code; (20)

Same here. Any luck?

Yes, I actually had to setup a new VM on Bluestacks and the Android Version is important, I think picking Nougat 32-bit worked, I honestly can’t remember, I did it a while ago, but try making a new Instance with different Android versions…

I use the latest version of Bluestacks and it works perfect.
Just load the WYZE app to it and set on auto load. One click on a shortcut on my PC and the cameras open in a few second. I have been using for months never an issue at all. I also installed on my wife’s computer and she thinks it’s magic how she can see our cameras on her iPhone and computer. She is amazed how fast they open after she clicks on the shortcut on her desktop…