Wyze Windows 10 BlueStacks

Got Wyze, installed 2 cameras. Then thought it would be a good idea to share the cameras with my desktop. Installed BluStacks, it installed, but won’t open. AND can’t find any instructions as to how to get Wyze to connect with Bluestacks. I am a relative novice on the computer so be gentle.

You do know that Bluestacks functions as a virtual Android device, correct? Not insulting just asking because you have to install the Wyze app on your new virtual Android device before you can view the cameras. I had trouble with Bluestacks originally and tried at least 2 other emulators but ended up going back to Bluestacks. Unfortunately I don’t remember what the problem was or how I fixed it but I suspect that graphics drivers were involved. Plenty of troubleshooting info on the web for Bluestacks.
Once Bluestacks is running install the Wyze app and sign in and you should be good to go.

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