Use outdoor cam on Windows 10 PC

I am trying to set up my Outdoor Cam Base station with my Windows10 PC. Clicking the Wyze Icon, it starts in Bluestack and says I need to set up Base Station. For some reason it wants to connect “mobile device to my network”, even though I am wanting to connect it to my PC, NOT a mobile device. It also asks me to plug the Base into my router. When I do that and I get the solid blue light, I pick NEXT and it says “Can’t find Base Station.”
I am so frustrated I want to return the product. WTF is my problem??

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Bluestacks is not a supported client for Wyze devices. Yes, it works in some cases, but again, not supported. You need to set up your base station on an Android or iOS mobile device.

Thanks. But how will that allow me to use it on my PC? I don’t want to have to use my phone for this.That is why I posted the Q.

Anything running under Bluestacks is going to be unaware of your PC. Bluestacks apparently has multiple profiles you can choose from and any apps running will believe they are running on that device (all of which are mobile), not a PC.

Bluestacks is not a supported for Wyze devices.It might work in some cases,not supported. You need to set up your Wyze base station on an Android,Apple,Tablet device.

Watch my form link that I just posted

Thanks. Can anyone suggest an alternative or work around?