Garage controller opens randomly

At 0141 on Christmas my garage controller randomly opened the door. Luckily my room is above the garage. My other cameras out front did not see any cars or ppl that could have code hopped my opener.
Scared the h out of me; enough that I’m taking the opener and camera down.

Has this happened to anyone else?

It has happened to me for months. I reached out to tech support and they offered zero help. One garage does it the other one does not. I am also gonna power it down because it is getting worse lately

Same thing happening here. :frowning:

Yeah I yanked mine out and returned it.

Garage controller opens randomly - yep. I’ve only had it a couple of weeks now. Everything was working fine, however I noticed it left the garage door open at the worst possible time - Like 2AM…

If I check the events there is nothing other than the time it opened and notifications it has been open.

Any solutions being considered out there.?

This same thing happened to me but it’s possible I bumped the button when I was showing someone the camera/garage door controller. I noticed the open/close button doesn’t even have a confirm dialog/button. So it’s pretty easy to click that button without intending to. The other weird thing was I have the notification turned on if the door is left open but I never received the notice.

For me it was the middle of the night. I woke up in the morning, went to leave for work, saw door open. Checked the video, and it opened itself up a bit after 3am.

My guess is that at some point it couldn’t see the QR code, though the door was open, and tried to close it? But, no good logging for why it made these decisions that I could find.

I had the same issue, i was advised there could be legal case with wzye as my car was broken into on the same day this occured.

support gives zero help


Had tue same issue this morning for 2.5 hours in the middle of the night. Have opened a file but thankfully nothing happened.

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This happens with mine often. I submitted a ticket with support who told me they couldn’t give me status updates or any information or logs on why it happened and that the engineering team is “looking into it.”

I even have a video of the light flashing before opening so I know it’s the controller opening it. I’m done with it at this point, it’s a safety issue.

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With Wyze’s track history I would never let them have control of an access element.

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Did you check if the control panel for your garage door opener was recalled? I had the same issue until I found out that my LiftMaster 888LM wall controller was recalled due to “Phantom Operations.” They sent me a different model and I have not had the issue since then (knock on wood).

I’ve had this issue multiple times over the past year and a half of having the controller installed. Never an issue prior. I have reported this issue multiple times whiles trying to find my own “work arounds” and have yet to get any actual help from Wyze.
This happened yet again right around 3am, and recorded by my alternate Nest garage cam that keeps an eye on the controller cam, for this reason. Sat open for about 30 mins before I found it. There is no log recorded as I put the camera on a schedule to turn off by 11:30pm, with no log, there is no notification from Wyze app either. I have to rely on my Nest cam/app for notification. That view shows the controller flashing before the garage opens. The controller doesn’t flash when I use a non-wyze source to open the garage. This is actually a safety issue caused by Wyze equipment.

I ended up ripping it out and replacing it with a ratgdo and have had ZERO instances of self-opening since. As you can see, it’s radio silence on this issue from Wyze.

Good luck.

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