Garage Door Camera opens door un-commanded during the night

Occasionally, about once per month I have awakened in the morning to find my garage door open. Initially I wrote this off to absent mindedness and created a rule to close the door at sundown. I again woke to an open door and thought the rule didn’t fire. I created two more rules to fire at later times but this morning my door was open again. I went over the recorded footage and found that my door opened at 6:13 AM, un-commanded, while I was still asleep. I’ve seen other complaints about this but no solutions. Firmware is up to date. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Your logs would be a good addition to this to figure out what is going on, as I have not experienced this particular issue.

Thanks…old guy here so not sure how to get logs to this forum. I’m using a computer to post this issue. Thanks!

You can get a log in the cameras settings > Wyze support > submit a log. It will give you a number, post it here.

I had another occurrence 12/4/2022 @ 2151:07. Un-commanded opening of garage door. Logs have been submitted. Log for this occurrence is 836326.

So far this month (12/1, 12/4, 12/6, 12/9) I’ve had four un-commanded garage door openings. Canera and controller have been moved as far from garage motor as possible, but the problem persists. Logs have been submitted. I’m going to have to disconnect the garage camera and controller from the garage door motor. Too dangerous to have garage door open all night. Currently working with tech named Mary.

Add in date 12/11/2022 for another un-commanded door opening @ 5:07 AM. Log 847243.

Enough is enough. I’ve disconnected the controller from the garage door motor.

Let us know if unplugging it stops the uncommanded opening. I haven’t had this problem with mine. I got the device because my door was randomly opening at night. It ended up being the button hardwired inside had gone bad, I replaced that and it never opened on its own again.

I will keep you posted in about a week or so. Never had this problem before using this camera and have lived in this house 11 years.

Do you have a “close door if open for more than N minutes” rule in place, or is the device triggering the door on its own?
Reason I ask is that a ‘rule’ might be being falsely triggered. (e.g. it fails to see the QR code and attempts to ‘close’ the door, but in reality the door is already closed and gets opened by the controller’s action.)

I’d like to connect our new controller to our door, but because of this post I’m now very hesitant to do. A mis-triggered rule I can avoid, but if the controller is actuating the door without being told to (e.g. by a rule) by a human, then that’s very, very sad making the product essentially useless if it can’t be trusted to NOT actuate the door unless told to do so.

When this happened the first 2 times in November, I wrote it off to absent mindedness. There were no rules in effect regarding the garage door at that time. After the 3rd occurrence in November, still thinking it was absent mindedness, I implemented 4 rules (one after the other in case one did not fire) to close garage door: [1] at 59 min before sunset, [2] at 2130, [3] at 2230, [4] at 2300 hrs. The door closures continued, Dec. 1 @ 0613, Dec. 4 @ 2151, Dec. 6 @ 0540 and Dec. 9 @ 2312. Apparently the door closure rules didn’t work for the 1 occurrence before 2300 hrs., even though they were implemented for absent mindedness.

It was at this point 0n Dec. 9th, that I disconnected the controller from the garage door motor. As of today, December 13 at 0645, there have been no recurrences.

This can actually be a culprit, if your QR Code is not calibrated. Does the garage door controller camera correctly report thru the Wyze app whether the door is open or closed? You can test this without reconnecting the controller, as it the camera senses whether the garage door is open purely via it seeing the QR Code on the door. You can open it manually, or with the garage door wall button.

If it doesn’t report open/closed correctly, then you can end up in a situation where the door is open when you apply a close door rule, because it can’t figure out if the door is open or closed. Yes, it’s obvious to us, but the software only uses that QR Code to determine the status.

If it doesn’t correctly report open/closed, then you will need to calibrate the QR Code. You can do that manually, but I’d recommend doing it via controller control by reconnecting the Wyze controller.

If it does report it correctly, then do you have night vision set to come on (with IR lights) at night, so it can read the code 24 hours a day? If not, you will need that. Also assume nothing ever blocks the QR code, like a cap on the bed of a truck.

Thank you for the suggestion. The QR code was calibrated and correctly listed the status of the door when the controller was connected to the door motor.

Since I disconnected the controller from the motor, the app only shows the camera image and nothing about the status of the door.

Night vision is set to “Auto” and the app indicates that I must add a garage door controller when I check about calibration (after disconnecting controller). The camera is 12 feet from the QR code and nothing blocks the view…

Also remember that there were 2 un-commanded door openings before any rules were set.

I would not keep a setup that randomly opens the garage door :bangbang: