<p style=“text-align: right;”>Can you send video or snapshots to FTP in the new camera</p>

What’s the options any other than the cloud???

No, not yet at least. They have heard the requests for recording to servers, but no word on any implementation at this point.

You can put a microSD card in the camera and record to that, either continuously or based on alerts. You can play that recording back in the app and record it to your camera roll during playback. Or you can take the card out of the camera to retrieve the video. That’s about it for now.

Thank you, I want to jump in on the v2 but I have 2 foscam c1 that are doing good but I would love to get about 5 of these but just not sure yet. Thank you for the response.

TinyCam Monitor Android App works with Wyze cameras. There are options to view and capture video to other locations.

I couldn’t get tinycam to connect with my wyze cams. Do you have any tips on connecting the cams.


I have found it easiest to manually add the Wyze cameras. Add a name, select Wyze as the camera brand, add the camera IP your username and password (the one you use in the app). I usually set a fixed IP address at my router for things like the cameras. If you have more than one Android device, export the configuration and then import it in the next install.

OK I’ll give it a try when I get home. Thanks alot!

I had listed the items to set from memory when I replied to your post. I just had a look, and the list looks OK. If you can run a successful ping to your camera name from the command line, you should be able to use the name you gave your camera rather than the IP address. Let us know how it goes.

Worked great! Scanned ip address .Changed the name of a cams and had to change chanel number. That was all I had to do to get both cams working. Very cool!

Thanks again very much appreciated