Noob requesting advice

Just got six of these cams with the hope to set up motion detected recording covering outside and a few inside rooms. I cannot get the Wyze app to work acceptably on my phone (Moto Z Force Droid) so I bought TinyCamPro to monitor the cams with…

What would be the best way to set it up? I do have access to a 1TB OneDrive account I could use exclusively for it, or I could buy mem cards for all of the cameras or both.

I’d rather not have the system rely on my phone because my phone is getting a little long in the tooth as it is.

TIA in advance.

You can’t put anything on another cloud service.

You can only use microSD cards for storage at this time.

As for setting up, I guess you want to cover the areas that are obvious, doors, windows, and stuff like that, but, try not to pick locations that has trees / flowers or shrubs near, since blowing wind tends to set them off, as does shadows & sunlight.

Also, what is the problem with the App? It should work fine on that phone.

It lags really really bad to the point where it’s not functional. It starts to hammer away at the processor, indicated by the fact that the phone starts to run hot and bogs down. Also, while it does this, the batteryb on the phone starts to drain quickly (about 2% per minute. Every command is either delayed by 3-5 seconds or does not register at all. All of these symptoms subside when I close the app.

I tried it on my son’s phone (same model) and it does the same thing. It seems to work fine on my wife’s phone (Galaxy S8+).

Turn on hardware decoding in the app.

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Is your phones OS up to date ?

I have 64 gb SD cards in all of my cams. I also have tiny can pro on my phone, and I “pushed it” to my fire TV stick (that’s always on). I have the tiny cam web server running on my fire TV, thought about doing the recording there to, but haven’t. Not sure if you have something like that, but that’s what I’m doing?

Yes, to whatever the latest update is that VZ has pushed out.

TY for the reply.

Thx for the tip, ShadowCam.

kpkammer, nice setup. I have Roku, I’ll check to see if they have a similar app. TY for the reply.