Cant auto record

I can’t auto record motion. I do not yet have an SD card so maybe that is why? I have Event recording set to all day and turned on detect motion and sound, both of which ar on high detection settings. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

You need a sd card. If you have a old small sd card will work.

You can record in the app to your cellphone.

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Thank you for your response. Is a 64 gig SD card too much or must it be 32 or lower?

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I’ve seen people use over 100 mb cards. But the main thing is you get one to record video. Get a god card. Spend a little more and you won’t be disappointed.

WYZE only officially supports 32gb, people have used larger. If you are trying to flash firmware via USB I have only been successful with 32gb cards. Like @paindonthurt suggests get a quality card, go for a ‘high endurance’ as they are better with the constant writing.

If you have any technical questions on SD cards @Bam is one of the WYZE Mavens and very knowledgeable when it comes to that topic.

I chip in my two cents worth here. Totally in agreement on the quality card topic I use High Endurance Cards and format them in my PC before use with this program. So far so good. I’ve never tried a card over 32mb though.
Beyond that but of info I defer to @Bam on card knowledge!

I have a 64g working. The only way I can get it to work is not use to window 10 format and found a other format hard drive software to do the ex fat.

The 64g at HD would last 10 days and at SD it was only a couple more days.