Frozen videos with Wyze Cam V3 and Cam Plus

We have multiple Wyze Cams V3 and all with Cam Plus. When we look at the videos that have been recorded, every so often one of them shows that a video has been recorded, and the number of seconds, but clicking on it just shows a still image. Sometimes resetting the camera will stop it for awhile but then it starts again. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to fix this?


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When you say:

Are you referring to viewing Event Video from the Events tab or viewing recorded video from the SD Card?

We use event video from the event tab.

Make sure your app is up to date.

Those videos are stored in the cloud and are being streamed from the Wyze servers to your app on your device. Resetting the cams shouldn’t affect this unless the recordings are being corrupted on upload from the cams to the Wyze servers, in which case you may have an intermittent WiFi signal to the cam or internet service to the cloud. This would be the case if the same event video always does this every time regardless of when it is played.

Alternatively, if the same event video plays the next day, it is probably a poor internet connection between the cloud and your device corrupting the stream.

When the video comes up and freezes, if you see the shaded icons in the upper right, try to download the video. If it plays on your device then it will confirm the video was uploaded to the cloud and the issue is with the stream down or in the app player.

If it does continue, I would submit a log from that cam and the app and contact support with the video date and timestamp.

(206) 339-9646
or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site or Customer Support Chat thru the app
Open for support between 4 am - 6 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4 pm PT Saturday.

Hope this helps! Good luck!