Front Doorbell Error Code 09: Failed to fetch bideo from cloud

I bought and installed the Wyze Doorbell almost a month ago. Whenever anyone triggers it by motion to record a video and I go to Events and click on it, all I ever get is Error (code 09): Failed to fetch the video from cloud. I figured this was some bug in the software and have been waiting for it to fix but still not working.

I have this same issue on one of my phones. It was working until a few days ago. Now, it cannot load any videos from the doorbell. (Other cameras and other phones work fine.) I have restarted, cleared cache, deleted user data, etc. Still fails.

Android app 2.21.27

Good Morning,

I am still having this problem and my Android Phone is Android 8.0.0. I have given my brother access to this doorbell and he can watch the videos with no problem. His Android phone is newer and is on Android 9. I’m thinking that this might be the problem.