Friendly Faces - Texas Not Available

I received an email about the friendly faces functionality. I am on Cam Plus. I was very intrigued and spent so much time trying to get it set up. But was disappointed when I finally located where to tag faces and I received a pop up stating that customers in Illinois, Texas, Portland, and Quebec are not allowed to use this feature. I am in Texas and wondered what the specific reason(s) were. Laws related to privacy??

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I don’t know the details but most likely texas has laws in place preventing services like this from being available.


This was asked in the most recent AMA:



Talk to your politicians, ask them to pass a law that clarifies it’s okay for you instead of leaving the code ambiguous and legally risky. No company wants to be subject to litigation. If Texas passes a clarifying bill that clearly protects companies from liability for allowing consumers to use facial recognition, I can basically guarantee it will get enabled for you. But they’ve made it too risky to allow it where you live.


Thank you for the insight. I apologize if I asked a duplicate question. I did do a friendly faces search and for Texas in all forums and didn’t receive any matches, hence, my post. But thank you for pointing it out and the details behind the restrictions. I will look into the response.