Friendly Faces not available in IL

That is funny and odd note in latest spam I received from Wyze.

Are there no friendly faces in Illinois or is it illegal to point them out? Maybe in Chicago?

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Facial recognition is prohibited in many areas, by law. Nothing under the control of Wyze. Portland, OR has legal restrictions, for one.

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Haha, I guess I accidentally implied there were only mean faces in IL.

Fun fact: my parents met while working at a McDonalds on the South Side of Chicago

  • Matt Van Swol
    Head of Subscription Growth

Wow. The stuff you learn. Thanks.

That is funny. Guess it should’ve said something like “Friendly Faces feature not available” to clarify it’s talking about the Wyze feature. :joy:


I beg to differ. I live in Illinois and have a RBF.


That reminds me of the Broken People “       Resting Face” video. I’m not posting a link because I’m trying to comport with the Community Guidelines, but it’s easy enough to find on YouTube.

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Ha. Took me a while to decode RBF. I was initially assuming it was a cam technical term. Laughed when I understood.