Frequently OFFLINE

I have multiple cameras ranging from V1 to V3. right now two of my V2 pans disconnected from the Wi-Fi. This happens frequently with all the versions . I’m out of town. I cannot go home and unplug it and plug it back in. Is there anyway to reset the camera remotely? I would change brands but I’m afraid I would have to start all over again and wind up having the same problems anyway. It really is frustrating. I wound up putting two cameras in all important as back up. But frequently both cameras are out.

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Some have recommended a Wyze power outlet that you could turn off the power to the cam and back on remotely.

Cam pan v3 have been very unreliable after latest update. They keep going offline. Is there a way to revert last firmware update from the camera?


Pan v3 has three firmware version to choose from: Since the list is currently all screwed up you may need to check the list: