Almost daily need to reset Wyze Pan Cam (v1)

Almost every day lately my v1 original Wyze pan-cam has to be reset to show up in group view as it reports “offline” in group view.

Clicking on camera in group view brings it up and is able to be live viewed, but settings - reboot fails everytime.

Use remote relay to cycle 5 volts to Cam and it is okay for a day or two… Then repeat.

This has just started in the last week or two.

Cam firmware version
App version 2.30.0 (130)

If your cams experience a network interuption, there is an issue where the IoT connection isnt restored, but the live view is. This is why you can view it but nothing else works. An update is coming around June to fix this for most devices, so please keep a lookout and keep your devices updated. For now the solution is to unplug and replug when this happens, althogh if its often that would mean your network is unstable.

Only one camera out of 24 and the only pan Cam (v1) is the one doing this, it all started after the last latest firmware update.

May roll back one version if they don’t come out with a fix, that will break something else :rofl::rofl::rofl: