Pan camera keeps intermittently resetting without any notice or reason

Recently over the last week or so, my pan camera keeps resetting without any notice. Suddenly it will just start spinning. Also, for the last three or more weeks it always shows offline. When you select it it goes to live feed?

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That could be a bad Wifi connection issue. Can you relocate the camera by a few feet to see if that makes a difference? I would definitely recommend opening a support case. This is a user supported forum and while we are happy to help nothing beats the folks at Wyze directly for the tough stuff!

The camera is 7’ from the router, which is new, and just installed by Cox about six weeks ago. This situation with this pan camera just started to occur when Wyze’s System went down a week or so ago. It may be occurring with the other non panning cameras as well, but I don’t see it, since they don’t pan.

I understand, that definitely would be a good thing to open a support case for. As fellow users we love to help but in cases like this it’s best to involve Wyze directly.

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Have had the same thing happen to my pan cams since July. Did latest firmware updates have a bug?