Frame rate dropped to 1/3fps

Out of nowhere, yesterday I noticed the frame rate for all our cameras in the app (iOS) dropped to only updating every ~3 seconds. I’ve tried restarting the cameras, and restarting our router. It seems consistently 1/3fps for all cameras on both our phones. Also whats weird is that the data rate in the top left updates at ~1.2fps.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

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Hey Adam, I’m not an iOS guy but I’m confused about how you’re using “fps”.

My understanding is that the v2 has a frame rate (frames-per-second) of 15 fps daytime, and 10 fps night mode.


Also, someone carrying an apple in each pocket will come upon this soon and you’ll be comparing apples to apples in no time. :wink:

Cheers -peep

Watching the time stamp, the image (and time stamp) update fairly consistently every 3 seconds. 1 frame every 3 seconds = 1/3 FPS.

Also note: I believe I’m using a v1

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Ok, so literally 1/3 of a frame per second. Got it.

And prior to that the cams had been operating at the spec 15 or 10 fps? (Not sure if the fps differs for the v1.)

Up until yesterday, it had been working great for the last 2.5 years. I think it’s due to the new iOS app update?

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Huh. A quick search for “fps” on this thread came back empty (I did not read all the posts) :

They usually start suggesting you simultaneously open a Support Ticket now, as you continue to explore a fix here :slight_smile:

It’s also good to check these when something screwball shows up:

Cheers, brother, good luck!


PS, If you do open a Support Ticket: I usually link/reference the Forum thread I’ve started so the tech person can see the steps I’ve explored to that point…

I’m having the same problem. My three V1’s are acting this way but my V2 is recording normally.


Welcome @home ! :wink:

Probably good if you both open tickets, ref this thread, and post your ticket numbers here.

I say, “probably good,” in the sense of, “Couldn’t hurt.”

We measure our optimism carefully these days… :slight_smile:

Thanks for advice…can you tell me where I “open a ticket” ?

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Sure… Try this link:

Wyze Ticket 636748] Request received: V1 Cam FPS.


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Cool, later Dennis!

I have the same issue with my v1 cams as well. Rebooted cams, router, phones, renewed IP leases and removed/readded devices from app. Freezes for 3-5 seconds. Disappointing for sure. All v2cams work great.

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I have two Wyze Cams v1 that I’ve been using for several years now. Just in the past few days, they’ve both started sending a still image once every 3 seconds instead of continuous video. I’ve tried rebooting them, updating firmware, and rebooting the home network. I did a factory reset on one and added it as a new device, and it didn’t fix the issue.

I don’t pay for a premium account and neither camera has an SD card. Both my wife and I have this problem (we each have an iPhone XS). Is anyone else experiencing this this?


@BlaqFish, @Beer_is_so_Awesome

Probably good if you both open Support Tickets:

reference this thread, and post your ticket numbers in a comment here.

@Beer_is_so_Awesome, same behavior viewing through both iOS and Android apps?


I opening a support ticket yesterday and waiting for reply. The number is Wyze Ticket 636748.

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It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out…

I’m having the same issue with all my V1 cameras… I get an updated image every 3 seconds… so 1/3 a second frame rate. All the V2 cameras work great.

It’s after one of the firmware updates. Fairly recently as well.

Here is my topic here talking about the same thing: Jerky video V1 Wyzecams all of a sudden - #4



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This is for the mods and mavens (volunteer forum support people):

The God of Apple has me under their thumb and they’re leaning hard. Post-COVID, I expect I’ll be required to work in an Apple Store as punishment for some trumped-up “crimes.”   :cold_sweat:


As of one of the recent firmware updates all of my V1 wyzecams can no longer play video smoothly, Neither the live video nor the playback. My V2 cameras remain smooth as always.

When I look at the clock it skips every couple seconds.

This happens with all my V1 Wyzecams at my house and my office (I have 3) Two entirely different locations, same problem.

All of my V2 cameras (I have 6) play video smoothly as they always have.

Has anyone else noticed their V1 cameras no longer playing video smoothly?

Is it time for me to trash them and just upgrade them to V2 cameras?