Frame by frame playback

It’s difficult to sniff through video when you are reviewing playback. Wondering if it’s possible to have frame by frame video as you move through the timeline with your touch on phones? Similar to how YouTube works?

Playback thumbnail that shows image.

I would love to see an feature that gives the users freedom to scroll though the video/playback and display a window/thumbnail on what section you are currently viewing. This would make it easy to review videos a lot faster without guessing.

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Time lapse image for video playback instead of static image

Currently, if you’re looking for a specific time in video playback, you have to compare to the 12 second video clip and then find that exact time down to the minute/second on the video playback. If you go too far in either direction you miss the image you’re looking for. In viewing video playback for a specific time, you have to scroll while the camera image stays static on the last image it was viewed at. It would be great to have the camera image scroll through like a time lapse as you scroll through the day/time. I believe other camera apps (Nest, Ring, etc) have that option and it would be amazing and very helpful if Wyze would do the same. Right now it’s like a guessing game of trying to find the right spot. To be able to see the image change as you scroll would be such an improvement. Thank you!