Feature Request: During playback skip blank time frames on timeline...

During playback on both an iPhone, and on Android, and when not in record all, if I place the timeline cursor in an area of time, where no recording is present nothing happens. It would be nice to have the timeline cursor move right to the next available video, and begin playing automatically.



Actually, if you start the playback at a time where there is video, it does automatically jump to the next segment when that one completes. It would be nice, however, if on the “No Video at Selected Time” screen, there was a button to jump to the next or previous recorded segment.

great suggestion, you may want to add this to the wyze feature request thread on reddit :slight_smile:


Will do, and thanks! Just got a pancam, very well done.

BTW, you may want to edit your profile nickname here so your email address isn’t exposed, especially if that’s the address to which your Wyze account is registered.

Thank you!!


Any chance you can edit my email out… I changed the profile…

I do not have that ability. It seems like changing your nickname is not being propagated throughout the site. I’ll see if I can get someone to look at that.

Thank you! That is a better fix than just changing here… What’s odd is that it is not changing even on posts after I changed nickname, like this one.

Well, now I see that your nickname has been changed. I’m thinking it just takes a while for the site to catch up. I’m going to change mine and see if and how long it takes to propagate.

Thanks for being worried about it! I appreciate it!