Video playback view questions

Is there any way to move the date and time stamp in the video playback mode above the timeline so that it is clearly visible? And a question for the Wyze developers. Have you ever considered creating a separate picture and video viewing app with more features like choosing playback speed and addressing certain time slots to view? This could be a HUGE advancement in the way the videos are used for security breach playback for us and even law enforcement use. Thanks.


Hi @graywoulf. Your first question is a #wishlist topic. Timestamp Customization

Please use #wishlist to request new features or products. Also, just in case it’s already being tested or launched, searching #roadmap would be a good starting point.

Search Wishlist (enter your search word/s after #wishlist in the search box)
Search Roadmap (enter your search word/s after #roadmap in the search box)

Please read through How to Use the Wishlist and How to Read the Roadmap.


Thank you for that information. I’m still learning my way around this forum.

You’re welcome!:slight_smile: