Request: apply half-second delay when scrubbing playback video to allow easier scrolling

I hope this is the right forum since this is so minor that it doesn’t count as a major feature request in my mind.

When viewing playback on the iOS app (I don’t know about the Android app), you slide the time wheel horizontally to go back or forward in time for footage stored on the microSD card. Obviously you have to let your finger up to continue scrolling, but doing so instantly attempts to load the footage for whatever time the wheel is on when you let go, and while it’s loading it’s not possible to keep scrolling. I think there should be a very brief delay that gives the user half of a second to continue scrolling before attempting to load the video start point, or the interface should allow you to keep scrolling as the video is loading and then cancel the buffering if the user keeps scrolling.

An additional option would be to have an additional time picker that lets you queue up a specific time akin to the alarm app, where you manually dial in the specific minute you want and hit an OK button. Having both options would be good.

What do you think?

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