Following a security event - REALLY?

Sorry, am I understanding this right - the only way to save a security incident as a video clip is to go into the app, and press record, and then wait in real time for the entire length of the event, except every time the phone shuts off the screen it stops the recording? Wait. Wait. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA

Did you seriously waste all my time with this crap? WHAT THE F IS THE POINT??? And to have to do it all on the android app and no PC version to view and cut.

The whole point of a security camera is to record an incident so you can have PROOF and EVIDENCE of what happened to give to the police, which is almost IMPOSSIBLE to do with you. I have 3 hours of footage of a breakin and I’m supposed to sit on my phone for 3 hours to record it? HAHAHAHAHHAA

Maybe the stupidest thing Ive ever heard! BYE!

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Try downloading the event


There are multiple options to get a security recording. a Few ways through the app, and also possible to remove the SD card and insert it directly into a computer to copy the incident/event really fast. You most certainly can do it through a computer. I have done so many, many times.

A great benefit of putting the SD card in my computer is that it’s also extremely easy to scroll around, create a timelapse of already recorded video or any number of things. This is not possible to do with other cams I have such as through my eufy cam which won’t allow me to put the SD card into my computer to view anything.


Calm down. You’re screaming at a bunch of other users, not Wyze.

@carverofchoice is correct. The best way for YOUR specific scenario is to pull the sd card and use a card reader on your computer.


That guy will get really angry if he doesnt’t take that microSD card outta the camera… and then his video evidence gets overwritten in a coupla days mad5