Saving a time period from the SD card

Recently we were ram raided.
The old cameras (not Wyze) we were using captured the unfortunate event. We were able to extract the event (5 min) from the HD, and forward to the Police.

I’ve added a number of v3 pros, Paying for Cam Plus, and SD cards installed.

Some of the cameras are mounted quite high. And sometimes we are far away.
Is there anyway we could go back, find and save an event like this without removing the SD card.

Doesn’t look like it’s any drama to go back and watch it on the app. Provided it hasn’t been over written. But isolate and save a 5 min clip?

Thanks for any information.

Supplementary question
Approximately how many hrs/days continuous recording on a 128gb SD card at 4K resolution?

For only 5 minutes, it’s pretty easy. For cameras that use the new User Interface (what is used by your V3 Pro), bring up the camera. The press the “SD Card” icon. Then change date as needed and scroll to the time needed. Then press the “Record” icon. At the end of the desired segment, press the “Stop” icon. That will save that recording to your phone. How you get that off your phone depends radically on your phone.

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