How to save 1.5hrs of footage

I have to send 1.5hrs of footage worth to my local police department. What’s the best way to do that? Wyze cam V3.

Is it from your SD card footage? Id take the SD card out of the camera, back up the footage on your computer, then maybe use a unused SD card to loan them with the 1 1/2 hours of footage on it, maybe and ask to get it back when they are done? I don’t know how big that those files will be but an option is to use a file sharing site to drop those onto? You may want to use a batch combiner because in the SD card, the 1 and a half hours will be about 90 individual one minute files.

Yes from the SD card. I thought maybe I could record from playback but Im not going to sit and wait for 1.5hrs to record.

Im surprised theres no option to view, save and cut footage especially when you know the timeframe of the occurance.

Yea you’d have to wait just as long as the timeframe you want to save, and that would be dependant on a solid connection to the device.

My rule of thumb is if I have to save just a couple of minutes I will do the record off the playback screen, but if I have to record any longer than that or want to save the footage, I will pull the card and put it in my computer and copy the files over.

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