Accessing and saving video feed from SD Card

How can I download video and save it from SD card onto my computer? Do I need to remove the SD card from the camera to do it? If so, what do I do to save a clip?

You can record video from the microSD card when you are playing it back within the Wyze app, but you have to do this in real time ( no faster ) and it can be fraught with issues if your connection is less than perfect. So this is easiest for short clips that you want to save.

Much faster ( if you can easily retrieve the microSD card ) for long periods of time is to put the card in a PC/Mac and directly copy the original quality files off.

The videos will be in the /record folder on the microSD card.

There will be subfolders named for each day within this folder, and subfolders within each day numbered for each of the 24 hours.

The actual video clips are one minute long MP4s numbered for each minute.

There are many methods to join them if that suits your needs better. One extremely simple and free method for PC/Mac/Linux is MP4Joiner -