Download and share video clip from Microsd For Cam v4

Would like to download and share video clip from MicroSD using Cam v4, some other Camera companies allow this.

Two ways to do this.
First is to while playing the video on your phone, select the “Record” button. When completed, select “Stop”. This will save the video to your phone. Then using whatever your phone has available (outside of the Wyze app), you can share the video to whatever you want to.
Second is to pull the µSD card out of the camera and plug it into a computer. The video files are a series of 1 minute files organinzed with folders for Date, and Hour with the one minute files in the Hour folder. Copy the appropriate file or files to your computer.

Thanks for replying, the first method work but not that convenient why not just add a button for download and share? some other companied do that.
The second method I am aware about it and tried also not that convenient because you have to search for the video clip you want, no time or/and date included in each file? not convenient at all.


The missing secret is “when”. You still need to tell it when you want downloaded. Playing on your phone and hitting Record and later Stop, accomplishes exactly that. One the clip is on your phone, you share as dictated by your phone (yes, that is different between iOS and Android and even some Androids are different.

Presumably you already know when you are looking for, so just find the correct data and hour folders and the correct minute or minutes files. What am I missing? Also note that if you have the on screen clock display turned on, the video will always have the date & time.

I think its better simply to add a button for download and share similar to the one for cloud membership …

I think you missed my point about when. You have a µSD card recording from midnight till the next midnight (and days before and after that). What portion do you want to share?

What do you mean by that? That description tells me nothing.

NO, what I meant the camera is recording events only like motion, and for a given video clip would like to download and share simply, it could be done easly in camera plus but using microsd NO…

Since in my opinion, event only recording to the µSD card is essentially worthless, I did not consider what you asked.

Sounds like this Wishlist is one for you to support and vote on.

I think maybe adding a button for dowload and share when recording to microsd. Because pressing record and stop to download a clip yes it work but not really convinced.

Why events recorded to microsd worthless

How can we vote for this? The camera already knows there is an event. Let me download it easily, Your recording solution is no good because these are the steps that I have to do in order to get my video:

  1. Find event
  2. Click event
  3. Click playback and wait
  4. Navigate with scroll BEFORE the event starts (and that is a nightmare since it’s not precise on a phone)
  5. Play
  6. Wait till a few seconds before the actual event starts when the event will start
  7. Tap record (and plan ahead because that recording start takes a few seconds)
  8. Record
  9. Stop recording, then saves

So 9 steps for something that could be:

  1. Find event
  2. Click event
  3. Click save recording

If you are taking about my original question then i am not talking about events from the cam plus.

You are talking about events from the camera, right? The videos are already on the SDcard, So I agree with you, we need an easier option to download them