Sd card 101

I just put the SD card into my camera. The wise Cam Pan. How do I view the recordings on the SD card? Not on the regular way. Because I cannot view recordings from a few days prior so I bought the SD card. How do I view the recordings on the SD card only?

“View Playback” looks only at SD Card recordings.

Mine never work.

What @Customer said for viewing.

Here are some options for saving:

What doesn’t work? All 19 of mine do - tested all 19 yesterday, in fact.

My SD cards in my Wyze cameras. I’ve bi… I mean complained about it in this forum dozens of times. They just don’t work reliably in any way, and often not at all. Wyze branded, reformatted, etc., etc. They are useless.

As far as I am concerned, the Wyze cards are crap. I only bought two and they both failed within a couple months. The High Endurance 64GB SanDisk cards I am using just reliably work - all the time. I have some that are close to two years old, and all are set to continuous recording.


I use Silicon Power from Amazon. Mostly 32Gb, a couple 64Gb. They seem to work fine. Cheap too.
I’ve got 8 cameras.

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