Focus using V4

Can anyone tell me how close I should place my V4 to a target that I wish to get pictures/videos of assuming I wish to get as close as possible without loosing sharpness.

At what point will the sharpness of the resulting image become fuzzy as I get closer ?

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If I were you I would take the camera down (if it’s mounted) and start moving it until desired closeness is achieved.

Have you tested this yourself? What were your results?

Are you asking me? If you are, I haven’t as I don’t have the V4 yet. Once I get it I’ll play around and check all the functions before I decide where to mount it.

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Nope. Directed towards the OP who’s stated they have the v4 already. :slight_smile:


Well I have it on a nest about 6” away and it’s blurry. Not sure if there’s any lens I can put in front of it to fix that. Unfortunately I can’t move it further back than

Well for clarification I should have asked if anyone has seen a spec tor this because I have not. In any case I am not really able to move the cam around to look for min distance to object without losing clarity because of where it is located right now. Was hoping someone knew the spec. ie keep cam at least ?? away from subject to stay focused…Thanks

It’ll probably be similar to the V3 I am guessing:

Maybe @AnnWithAPlan can give some good info. She has cams close to her birdbath and bird feeding table and the close up videos look great. I am sure one of them is a V4.


Are you able to add anything to this conversation reference the comment above?

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Both the bird feeding table (above) and birdbath have the V4. I will put a ruler in front of one for you and see what I get.

I hope this helps. These are the measurements from the front of cam to front of the bottle or oil. I placed the bottle at each distance, then saved a pic from the cam app.


Sorry, I never saw these msgs until a few min ago.

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Thanks all. I’ll use your input to get my cam set up….tlhutch4

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The 7-8 inch range looks good to me, hope you can make it work for your setup.

Me too.

I am really amazed at length that you would go to please a fellow human.

Obviously the OP has the V4 camera and he can do the experiment himself/herself.

I really don’t get how lazy people can get …

Thanks, but I didnt think it was laziness, but just a question if anyone happened to know the answer to. :wink:

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Thanks for your efforts to please a fellow human Ann. I do appreciate your work and spirit… :slightly_smiling_face: