Minimum Focus Distance for Wyze Cam OG

Can anyone tell me the minimum focusing distance on the new wide-angle OG out of the box( i.e. without modifications)? Would it be suitable for use in a birdhouse ?

I can look tonight if no one else answers first

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I appreciate that.

Minimum focus distance really should be part of the Wyze technical spec. Most photographic cameras/lens include it as part of the description.


Sorry, I completely forgot about this lol…

I set a reminder for myself:

Alright, it looks like around 5inches from the lense is where it gets pretty clear, anything closer starts to get blurry, but even 1 inch away is not too blurry, definitely able to see what’s going on.

This is for the standard OG


Sounds like a good option for a “birdhouse cam”. Certainly worth checking out further.
Many thanks!