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Wyz cam go only focuses on one item and nothing else? what’s the purpose if you can’t see next to this item?

A little more detail please. The Telephoto or non-Tele version? I only have the Telephoto version and they have a minimum focus distance of four feet or so, but everything beyond that is in focus. I would assume the minimum focusing distance on the non-Tele version is much closer than the Tele version. But any fixed focus camera will have a minimum focusing distance, and possibly a maximum focusing distance.

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Both OG cams, the S (Standard) and T (Telephoto 3x) are fixed focus lenses like every other cam Wyze makes. You only see what is in the field of view where you point it. They do have Digital Zoom, where you can zoom in on anything within that Field of View using the App. However, no Wyze Cams have an Optical Zoom lens that can be adjusted mechanically.

If you need to see something that is outside of the field of view that you are pointing it at, you need a PTZ cam (Pan Tilt Zoom) like the Wyze Cam Pan series (V1, V2, V3). However none of these have a fixed Telephoto lens like the OG T. They are all fixed standard lenses.

There is one creative Wyze Customer though that has mounted an OG Telephoto to the side of a Wyze Cam PanV3 successfully. This gives the OG T Pan and Tilt functionality although you can only do that thru the PanV3 Live Stream interface. However, with split screen capability and another app like TinyCam, you can control the PanV3’s Pan and Tilt movement while watching the OG T.

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I use 2 telephones ( an old apple and my galaxy s22 ) i use the apple to move the cam pan 3 and watch the og view on my galaxy, this way I can perfectly point the og the way i wanted it.

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