Floodlight USB wont power an OG?

I was able to test this using a NIB Floodlight V1, an OG-S Cam, and a V3 Cam.

First, a load test of the Floodlight V1 Auxillary USB-A port on the back of the PIR Sensor.

Operating without load, the port produces 4.92V.

Under load at 2.2 Ohms, the port drops Voltage to approximately 3.9V while allowing between 1.6A and 1.8A current draw.

Under load at 4.7 Ohms, the port drops Voltage to approximately 4.2V while allowing between 0.8A and 1.0 A current draw.

The V3 Cam powered by the port, thru 2 Power Cycles, dropped voltage to a consistent 4.6V while drawing up to 0.33A on startup but maintaining a consistent 0.24A while operating.

The OG Cam powered by the port, dropped the Voltage to a consistent 4.8V while drawing about 0.24A

While activating the Spotlight, it dropped the Voltage to about 4.5V while drawing about 0.40A

While activating the Spotlight and the Siren, it dropped the Voltage to about 4.3V while drawing about 0.80A

Conclusion: The Auxillary Port on my Floodlight V1 was fully capable of operating my OG Cam. Load tests indicate it can handle Amp loads nearing 2.0A, although doing so will result in a considerable loss in voltage.

What I did find was that the port itself is EXTREMELY difficult to get the USB fully seated to allow power to flow. It took considerable effort to get the USB plug fully seated into the port and initially failed because the plug was not fully inserted.