Floodlight problems

The floodlights come on but the camera doesn’t record so basically I paid for a expensive floodlight

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I don’t have any floodlights but you should say which one you have since there are three different versions, Floodlight v1,Floodlight v2 and the Floodlight Pro. You can probably get some good advice if you post which one.

Welcome @jefflanders718 , sorry you are experiencing some issues

As @Antonius indicated, can you provide additional information:

  • Version of App being used
  • Is this being used on Android or iOS
  • Which Floodlight are you referring to
  • What is the Firmware version of the Floodlight
  • Do you have CamPlus, CamPlus light, or nothing
  • If you have CamPlus, what are your Detection and Notification Settings

I am asking because some of the floodlights can work independently of the camera recording process. Basically a light can be triggered by a tree, leaf, lights, etc. However, the recordings can be based on AI.

So the more information you can provide would help in a potential resolution.