Floodlight Pro person detection


My floodlight pro is not detecting a person. It will detect the motion but the motion is not detected as a person. I tested this multiple times by standing in front of the camera, walking by the camera at multiple distances , and making sure to move slowly. My understanding is that this model doesn’t require a subscription plan as the AI detection is ‘EDGE AI.’ I have searched and tried power cycling, firmware is up to date, and doing a factory reset. Is there something else I’m unaware of before I contact support and take that long journey?

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While the camera has edge AI, for AI detection, Cam Plus is still required.

This article reference the V3 Pro, but still the same association.

Thank you for the link to the article. I understand, kinda. Curiously, why is there edge AI if the detection requires cam plus? Does edge AI paired with cam plus speed up the detection?

It appears the floodlight pro does only notify me of ‘smart detections’ (person or vehicle) if I have that option checked. So, it must be detecting them correctly but putting the correct icon or saying ‘hey this is a person’ must be cam plus territory. It’s just odd is all I’m saying…and confusing. Oh marketing team…lol. This is just sort of a ramble as I know you are just a volunteer trying to help out!

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Yes. The processing can happen at the device before getting to the cloud.

The extended Smart Detections are under a sub, but you have the power at the device.