Cam v3 Pro - Use Cam Plus detection

Right now the Edge-AI on the v3 Pro only does people, not vehicles or pets.
My v3 Pro has a Cam Plus subscription, and I’d really like for it to use the Cam Plus AI instead of it’s Edge-AI.
I’ve opened a Wyze support issue on this, and they always answer some other thing (How to get notifications, how to get the Edge-AI to detect a person, How to reset my camers, etc…) so I’m beginning to think it isn’t possible.
Can you bypass the Edge-AI and just use Cam Plus AI?
And if so, how?

I think there is a little misunderstanding.

Without Cam Plus, the V3Pro ONLY uses the Edge-Ai for person detection.

But, the minute you apply a Cam Plus license, you can choose any of the other detections in the settings options, including person, vehicles, pets. and the way it works, is that the edge AI still runs a preliminary analysis of the live-stream, but then sends that to the Cloud AI to verify in better detail for an even more accurate detection. The Edge AI just helps make the process faster, but it is no longer the only thing analyzing the video. There is no way to “turn off” the Edge-AI, and no reason to do so. It has it’s own dedicated processor core, etc and with cam plus, the Cloud AI verifies everything anyway, so there are no downsides. If you have a cam plus license assigned to the camera, it automatically sends any detection you have selected to be analyzed by the Cloud AI.

I am curious for what reasons would you want to turn it off? I think it is just a misunderstanding of how it works or what it does.


You are correct, that is not what I was thinking it was doing.
Why turn it off?
Because it doesn’t detect vehicles, at all, or if it does, it marks them as people.
And to be honest, it’s person detection is about 20%.
I can literally stand in front of the camera, waving my arms for over two minutes with no detection. And then my neighbor walks their dog past, and ping, very fast detection.

That sounds wrong. When I walk in front of the camera, it detects motion, it just doesn’t think I’m a person.
I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s because it doesn’t have enough high resolution stuff to get good AI results, so I have been marking and submitting footage each day. And I have to admit, it did finally mark a delivery person as a person, so maybe that is helping.
Anyway, if it’s already doing what I wanted … well … I guess I’ll keep submitting videos, cuz right now it’s detection is very poor.

Submissions will help. They only update the AI about once per month though, and it can take a while to see results, so don’t be discouraged if it takes some time. This is really new and the AI is used to the other cameras. It will learn though, and Wyze will continue to update things.
I have personally seen submissions make a big difference. I used to have certain cameras ALWAYS detect my black cat as a person…I would submit lots corrections, and soon the false detections started to drop. It went from like 100% to eventually only occasionally, and then basically never. But it took a few months. I did for sure see improvement though.

The AI is also not quite as good in low-light conditions and far away distances.

It can help to try to block off certain areas with the detection zone too, like the street.

I do know that Wyze is currently working on some firmware updates for the V3Pro, so hopefully that will help soon.


Thank you for the insights, and the encouragement.
I love the higher resolution and want to replace another camera with the Pro, but at the moment, the other camera is the only reason I get any notifications.
I’ll keep submitting, and once it get’s good enough, I’ll replace the other camera.


I wanted to report back.
I’ve been tagging and submitting videos since my last post and it has helped tremendously.
It has gone from occasionally tagging something (and usually it was wrong) to 90% successful tags and alerts.
I will continue to submit videos because I want it to get to 99%.
But I wanted to let people know that this does indeed work.