Cam Plus Pro: Now available for everyone in the service area! 5/12/22

Cam Plus Pro is the future of security, and it’s here! Now your Wyze Cam can dispatch emergency services when there’s an intruder using AI-powered professional security. Simply arm your Wyze Cam and activate peace of mind. It’s that easy.

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For about two weeks, CamPlus hasn’t recognized people, vehicles and pets 90% of the time. I do not understand why another CamPlus (Pro) without having solved the problems of CamPlus. I have CamPlus since the release date which worked great for people. Now the system is no longer very reliable.

All my other cameras have no trouble recognizing people with CamPlus lite. I hope CamPlus Pro will perform better than CamPlus since you sell it as a security service. I will keep CamPlus until August and I will see after. I’m lucky to have motion detectors for my facade…but paying for the 5-minutes clips without cooldown isn’t worth it if the service no longer recognizes anything.

I continue to love my cameras but hope CamPlus will be fixed because now, it is not smart anymore.

This may not be the right place for my comment. If so, feel free to move it elsewhere or delete it. Without resentment.:slightly_smiling_face:


@gyzmo, :clap::+1::clap:

It has been longer than 2 weeks. Ever since the last AI update, with Vehicle Detection off, 90% of the Person and Pet detections I get on my 3 front V3 are cars passing on the street.

My other 8 cams seem to do a better job at Person Detection, but they don’t see cars. I have 3 of those that are about 50% accurate at detecting those darned Sunbeam fairies.

You are SPOT ON! It used to work great. Now, not so much. Thousands of video submissions, no improvement. It is frustrating and tiresome.

Keep posting this. I will keep liking it!


I worked in the field today and 90% of the time my V3s (CamPlus) did not recognize me as a person. On the other hand, my V2 in front was 100% accurate as well as my 2 V2s in my backyard. these V2s are on CamPlus Lite. Just for today, I submitted over 50 videos for analysis. Why CamPlus Lite works well and for some time CamPlus does not recognize people anymore? I can’t wait to see the reviews with CamPlus Pro.

For vehicles, when I arrive in my driveway, about 7 times out of 10, it does not recognize the vehicle. It’s the same when I get out of the garage. However, I have been submitting videos for my vehicle for more than a year. I highly doubt it is of any use. For vehicle detection to be done better, I have to remove my zone, which has the effect of having a notification each time a vehicle passes in the street.

For pets, it never really worked. One time out of 10 they tags correctly. For people, it’s very recent on my side. As I wrote above, about 2 weeks. So currently, almost all detections are no longer tagged correctly.

It would be nice to have an update explaining to us why CamPlus is rendered like this because at the moment, I pay for this service for nothing.

I better put CamPlus Lite on these two cameras and cancel CamPlus. Until now, they have never missed a person and this since the legacy(before CamPlus Lite).

As I wrote, I will wait until August and see if I renew my 2 licenses. At the moment, the service only brings me frustration but I keep hope…:slightly_smiling_face:


Wyze certainly has a lot of nerve wanting more money for an AI based security system, when the previous AI features don’t work most of the time. Are the people in charge at Wzye blind? Do they not hear the complaints about their AI not working? It’s bizarre that a company continues to advertise features that just don’t work. Stop selling snake oil Wyze and just fix what you already have!

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Maybe the AI will call the Sheriff on all the parked (Not Moving) “Suspicious” vehicle events… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: