Cam V3 Pro: On-board Edge AI Features

Sorry if this question has been asked before, though I didn’t see it…

I understand that the new Cam V3 Pro’s built-in Edge AI offers on-board person detection - i.e. it’s not necessary for recorded videos to have to be uploaded to the cloud for person detection. That’s great news. But my question: does this mean that if a user is interested only in person detection (and not any other form of Smart Detection), that technically he/she does NOT have to subscribe to the Cam Plus subscription service? Just curious.

As I understand it from the discussions I have read, the on board Edge AI is not as robust as the server AI due to the processing limitations of the chip. It will operate independently, but at a lower degree of accuracy.

It was designed and implemented mainly as a preliminary detection to speed up the notification process and accuracy once it was sent to the server for the CamPlus AI to interrogate.

Without a CamPlus subscription, you will get Person Detection AI events from the on board Edge AI, but you will not get the advantage of the Server AI because there won’t be any video uploaded, only a snapshot with a 5 minute cooldown.


Thanks. This helps. Given this, I feel more comfortable sticking with my basic Cam V3 and continuing to subscribe to Cam Plus. I’m satisfied with its resolution and the speed of Wyze’s server-based image recognition.