Floodlight Pro Motion warning needs a "timeout" feature

Love the Motion Warning on the Floodlight Pro. Definitely a step in the right direction.
Except it’s nearly unusable.

Just locking/unlocking my door, It gives me the “You are being Recorded” message 3-4 times.

The camera AI also falsely identifies flying bugs as people or vehicles and gives that warning every few minutes all night long.

I like the warning message, but there needs to be a way to tell it “pause the the message for 10 minutes” or something like that instead of going off every few seconds.

Please make sure you vote for your Wish as the system does not add one for you.

@Lance1, I gave it a vote.

Just curious, when this happens :point_up_2:, do you also have the floodlight set to activate only on those Smart AI events? And does the floodlight also activate?

When this happens, are you getting Person or Vehicle event uploads with AI tags to the Events page?

I’m asking because I am experiencing a similar issue although it is based an the same Cam Onboard AI object recognition trigger.


I totally agree with this needing a more flexible cooldown setting If I have people visiting, I don’t want it repeating that constantly while we’re standing around talking.

I would also love to have a rule action for turning it on and off so I could schedule it to only turn on when I arm my HMS system and then turn off when it is disarmed, or just schedule it to only do it from sunset to sunrise or something like that.


@SlabSlayer Yes. I have ambient set, but floodlight goes to full brightness when this happens and it gets recorded as an event. Usually flagged as a “person”. I have sent the events to wyze but not sure how much they actually look at that.

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The Product Manager for the FLPro just announced on Facebook that this Wishlist is planned to be added:

For the next Steps, we are also planning to add more options to optimize the experience of Motion Warning, like adding support to select intervals of voice prompt in future updates. Stay tuned,

Thought some of you following this wishlist request would be pleased at hearing the update.