Floodlight Pro Error code 4864

Hello Everyone,

Wyze user/fan here and first time to join the forum.
Recently bought and installed the floodlight pro and replaced my current wyze floodlight (which i installed at my backyard).

Issue is that everytime I want to check the Live Stream, I always get "Failed to connect. Error: (code 4864). — I tried EVERYTHING including a hard reset.

My app. and firmwares are all up to date. And all of my other Wyze cams are working. So i know this is isolated to this floodlight pro.



Just installed my floodlight pro today with the exact same result that you’re having code 4864. Tried rebooting, routers and modems, restarting cameras, and as far as deleting the device and reinstalling it several times with no solution. It does sense motion and saves a snapshot of each of those events so there’s something more going on.

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Yes I agree, when I look at my app and refresh it, I do see the recorded “RECENT EVENTS”.
I get notifications and I can playback the recording.
But each time I want to check the Live stream, I get that error code.

WYZE Team if you are reading this please help!


I’m seeing this from a lot of people who set up a Floodlight Pro this weekend, but not many from before last week. I suspect they will notice the pattern when Monday starts up


Same here. Live Streaming fails with error4864 but everything else seems to work after i tried everything. If no quick fix its going back for refund


I just set up my brand new Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro with Cam Plus and I have the exact same error. Screenshot below.

FYI, someone in another thread reported that Support told them the engineers are aware of this error and are working on a fix for it. I don’t know how long they estimate it will take, but I just wanted to pass that along to anyone frustrated with this and wondering.


Thanks for the confirmation, ran into same issue with a new Floodlight Pro today.


Live Stream seems to be working without issue now on the Waze iOS app at least.

Same here. I don’t think my mobile app updated; I’m guessing it was a server-side issue that has been resolved?

It does seem to be functioning now. Able to view LIVE. Zoom in. Control lights. And I see the function buttons available now too.

Error code -14 here. Same issues you guys are having yet no fix. I also thought I had a faulty cam. Got a new one and had the same issues. I can view events but can’t rewind or view live feed at all.

Pretty disappointed in this one and am tempted to just buy the nest flood light cam. Trying to wait out a fix here although…

Just bought 6 Wyze cam Spootlight Pro’s I have installed 3. They worked well Yesterday and Last night. Was able to verify the lights coming on for dusk to dawn and went bright for motion… but today, When attempting to see the Live Stream, I am getting "Failed to Connect Error .(Code -15). I have good wifi at the cameras… I have been at this all day… Any Suggestions. I have 3 more to install…

I am still having connection problems with these Spotlight Cameras.
The ambient Lighting works as it should, The motion detection lights work as they should.
The error codes say: Failed to connect. Error (Code -14) or (Code -15) or (Code -16)
Sometimes they stay connected for a while, sometimes not…
The wifi is a Xfinity Gateway with their Wifi Extender Pods.

Did anyone get a fix for this? I just got my spotlight pro replaced under warranty (4 hours on the phone!!) and the new one worked for a day and then failed to connect again. All other functions are working except livestream.

Please help!!!

That is really weird. I know this got resolved for basically everyone else months ago.

Here is what I would try if this were happening to me, I would try a factory reset on the Floodlight Pro:

The reason I suggest this is because I once had a similar weird issue after a firmware update on one of mine. It was determined there was some kind of error with part of it not loading up right and that a factory reset would force it to reconfigure. It worked and fixed the messed-up firmware update.

Other than that, what is your firmware version on the camera, and what app version are you using. Also, what phone model?

Hi, i’m still getting the same error after the latest update that installed today. All functions work except live view.

This camera has never worked with live stream from day one. I’ve tried all the fixes, resets etc. it just does not like my ATT wireless network. I’m using an Asus router 86U (latest firmware) with a Netgear MR1100 modem with an ATT unlimited data plan. All my other 30 plus devices work fine.

It appears the IP streaming port number the floodlight pro uses is blocked with my ATT plan. Why doesnt the floodlight pro use the same streaming port/protocol as the the V3 and OG cameras?

Interestingly to test this theory, I tried the same camera on my Xfinity network at another location and it was working ok.

I even tried a VPN from my Asus router to windscribe to bypass ATT, but got the same error.

It’s a new camera, I have many other Wyze cams on the same network v3/OG that all work fine, some further away from the wifi router.

I’m running the latest app on my Samsung S23, an iPad and an iPhone.

Please help!!!

Whatever you changed on the back end, my camera starting working again today. Thanks!

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