Floodlight gone after firmware update to cam v3

Recent firmware update has eliminated the floodlight from the app. Firmware (which I agreed to the “bulk update,” will never do that again - I’ve read elsewhere on here that process is flawed when bulk updating more than one cam). Since updating, floodlight no longer viewable on the app. Seems like a firmware update to re-recognize floodlight is in order, as I feel like I’ve done everything I can on my end:
-floodlight version was the updated one that’s been around since Dec 2021
-soft and factory reset the cam (multiple times)
-used a new, properly formatted SD card to manually flash to older firmware version (this is not my first rodeo, I’ve successfully manually flashed this cam before) and it did not/would not ever show the purple led to download the firmware
-the app on my phone is current, have also uninstalled and reinstalled it
-bought and installed a new cam v3 since last one would not manually flash to older firmware, same issue persists along all firmware updates
-reset (factory and soft) several times & have installed via cam first and floodlight first, makes no difference

The floodlight icon will show on the cam’s page but is not showing as installed. Each time I press floodlight & say I already have one, it just tells me to check my wifi and reinstall the floodlight. The floodlight cam has been at this location for 2 years and it is not the wifi. It literally disappeared from the app when the cam was updated & it seems there’s nothing I can do to get it back. It’s a big bummer because without it showing as installed, one cannot control it nor use the PIR sensor. So dumb. Wyze, please get your firmware update act together!