Floodlight Flood Filter Template Anyone?

Does anyone have a template so I can cut a lighting filter and put over the Floods? I really hate the cool white light of this product and prefer warm LED’s, so I figured if I used an orange filter it should be about right in color. But it’s kind of hard to trace out a template because of the overhang edges on the floods, and because I don’t want to have to take the floodlight down from where I have it mounted on my house.

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No template but I have the Remove before use sticker in front of me the dimensions are

Width 6.5cm
Height 6.5cm
Corner Radius 1.5cm


Might be difficult to cut due to the rounded corners, without a template. I’ll look for my box and see if I saved those flood stickers, then I have a template. Thanks for reminding me about the stickers!


For sure. Tried to build one but got caught in meetings all day. If you don’t have the stickers I’ll see if I can whip one up.


Right , most other floodlight cameras let you mess with the colors of the LED’s .

This should definitely be added for the floodlight v2!

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Just checked the box, I must have thrown them away as they aren’t in the box.

I agree! Who want’s cool white LED’s anymore? Makes you feel like you’re in a hospital.

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We’ll actually i don’t really mind the color of the LED’s as long as it lights up what I need it to but some folks like changing the colors

Let’s hope wyze is able to add more accessibility to the next floodlight.

Too many of the outside garage lights in my neighborhood have those cool white LED lights and it’s so annoying when you go for a walk at night, eye blinding. Then my City changed the street lights from a nice yellowish non glaring light to super bright LED’s that are more white. This made things even worse, at least for me. Softer white light works for me, probably why I love being around a fireplace.

Just wondering if you were ever able to help me with this. I completely forgot about this project of mine until I went outside those bright cool white floods lit me up. I really wish they made these with warm white LED’s or maybe even color LED’s that we could customize.

Thanks for the reminder.

Ok so this was probably more of a challenge than I thought… even though it shouldn’t have been, and I hope this works but this link is a file that I made in cm with halves you should be able to download and cut out the pattern as shown here (Some precise drawing and kindergarten marker :smiley:)


How I made it using the Remove Before use sticker that came on the Floodlight.


Did you give this a try?

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I haven’t been able to get it printed out.

Really wish Wyze used warm LED’s in the Floodlight or maybe even offered filters for it or better yet used color changeable LED’s. I absolutely can’t stand cool white LED’s.

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Having the ability to change the color temperature of the floodlights would be nice .

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I am actually the opposite and prefer cool white, especially indoors. The amber of warm whites change the colors of paint to much for my liking.

And for outdoors it seems brighter and more matter of fact , where with the flood light I am not looking for a gentle “hey there is some light on you” and more of a You are getting blinded for a reason :grin::sunglasses:

A warmer light reminds me of a fireplace and is soothing. When I walk my neighborhood at night the houses with warm porch lighting make the area look nice. But those with the cool white lights ruins it. Cool white reminds me of a hospital and just hurts my eyes. I can handle something in-between. There are many instances when I would want a bright cool white light, like in my garage if I’m working on something. But I don’t want my outside porch lights or floodlights that way.

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