More Wyze Floodlight False Advertising

Wyze continues to use this picture when advertising their Floodlight. The problem is if you look at the left flood in this picture, the longer hood part is at the top. This is impossible because the floods can’t be articulated to the side and have the longer hood part at the top. This was a photoshop and completely false advertising! Wyze needs to really stop advertising like this. Either show the product how it really is or redesign it.

Not sure where you are talking about. I do know you can chnage the base of the lights to the angle can be left to right or up and down. I did that on one of my in-laws.

But trying to digest what you are saying. Are you taling about the overhang above the light?

I am talking about the hood around the floods. When the flood lights are pointing straight forward the the hood, which is a tad longer is at the top like a ball cap bill, when you move the light to the side, as in the picture, the flood has to be twisted making the longer part of the hood the bill, be at the side and not the top. This Wyze advertising picture is incorrectly showing the flood bill at the top.

I will need to run over to my in-laws and see what it is setup like

Just went outside to check mine. He is correct, the bill rotates so when the light is rotated the bill is not at the top.

Mine is under an eave.


Exactly, which means Wyze is once again falsely advertising their products.

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I’m still confused as to what you’re trying to explain

This is my floodlight and how it’s set up

Can you go into more detail ?

Hey, thank you so much for pointing this out! This is a mistake that we are fixing asap.


The entire image is CGI, so it’s not something we photoshopped to look better or anything. The artist just got it wrong and we didn’t catch it.


First off, I pointed this out a long while back after first getting my Floodlight. Secondly, how is it possible for the artist to get it wrong? All they had to do what look at the floodlight and articulate the flood as it is in the picture to know it can’t do that. Also the cable to the other camera in the picture isn’t even correct. You don’t sell an extension cable that short and the cable out of the camera is way too short to reach the floodlight camera.

You guys have done this before with your advertising pictures. The Air Purifier graph comes to mind, with dots every hour when the software doesn’t do that.


Look at the floods (lights), there is a housing that they are inside. The flared opening (hood), sticks out farther on one side. Like the bill on a ball cap. In your picture, your floods are not pointing the same as in Wyze’s advertising picture. In your picture, if you had the flood on the right pointing straight then the hood bill would be on top. If you had the flood on the left pointing more left and a bit higher, the hood bill would be on the side.

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I still don’t get what you’re trying to emphasize but what does it have to do with anything ? Like why is it important …?

Do you even see the bill on the hood? It’s longer because it’s supposed to be on the top. My point in all of this is the same as what I initially said and what Wyze confirmed, that their promotional picture is incorrect. And this falls under false advertising, so it’s good they are now going to change the picture.

When I purchase a product I expect it to be as the company promotes it and why I’m so vocal with many Wyze products. When I bought my Floodlight I believed the flood could be pointed in the direction as their picture shows and have the bill on the hood on top because that esthetically looks correct. I wanted to turn one of my floods in the same direction as their picture shows but it doesn’t look right with the bill on the side. For some people that’s a non issue, but not me. So now mine is tilted down more like yours, so the bill is on top. Had they not put a bill on the flood covers, then this wouldn’t be an issue. The bill does service a purpose, to reduce glare maybe and protect the lens/LED’s from the elements.


Having worked in Engineering in another company, I can certainly understand why a beta model was misrepresented in a graphic artist’s ad. There are usually many versions at the beginning. They are fixing it now, so thanks for your assistance in finding this! :slight_smile:


And yet if you look at their picture of the Floodlight, the way the light articulates is the same as the production model. So there should have been no misrepresentation from the graphic artist. They just felt it looked better with the bill on top on the light hood. And obviously so did Wyze, even though they had to know it was falsely advertising the light. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that Wyze has a history of false claims and advertising.

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So why do you keep buying their products? You clearly don’t enjoy the relationship. :wink:


Because some of their products are actually good. I’m no fanboy of any company. If they make a good product I say good things about it, but if they don’t I’ll maker sure they know I’m unhappy. And I can’t stand false advertising. Too many people accept this as a normal business practice.

So which products do you like? That statement surprises me. :wink:


Well, I do like the cordless vacuum because it’s very light and easy to use. It does have a few design flaws, but I can overlook those because of how inexpensive the vacuum is. I use it often for spot area cleanings.

I also like the gun safe, mainly because of the price point.

I really like the Wyze Lamp but wish the bulb(s), were replaceable. Might have been better if Wyze used one of their LED bulbs with a focusing lens maybe, instead of all those little LED’s.


I think the capabilities and intelligence lie within the bulb for that one, but I like you also wish they would offer them separately. :slight_smile: