Floodlight cam on 220v

Hi there,

I just installed a floodlight cam here in California and love it!

I would like to install a couple of these at my house in the UK but note that the input voltage on the label only says 110v at 60Hz. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get it to work or perhaps even if the transformer already supports that voltage?


Not sure of your setup in the UK or the rules there, but is it possible to add something like this inline?




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Thanks. Yeah I could but it seems rather inefficient especially for something mounted to an outside wall. Any other ideas?


I opened the Floodlight and checked the switching power supply and everything seems suitable for 220V. Then I connected it to 220V and it is working great.

Hope it helps!


Still working?

Yes! On this one I opened it before connecting and the switching power supply is 110-220v.

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Before buying, I checked with Wyze support if it will work with 220v (what we use here in South Africa) and they advised against it. The rebel in me went ahead with it anyway, based on @EduG 's advice above.

I can confirm everything is working well.


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Any thoughts on if it would work with Aus/Nz 240v?

Usually when someone refers to 220 VAC compatibility, it really means that it is 220-240VAC compatible

It’s actually 120v/240v, not 110v/220v.

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Thank you!

Hi Juanh - It looks like you plugged this 110 Volt only device directly into a 220 volt line without using a transformer and that has not fried your device?! Is the device still working with no issues?

1 month later, and stil works great!

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WOW! how long has that been on 220v?
Has anyone else on this forum experiences success with that?

Hi @juanh - where in SA did you buy the floodlight or did you import it? Is it still working without any modifications?

Hey @chris.vrikkidel

Got it om Amazon. Still working perfectly without any modifications.

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I got 3 of these,

Just wondering did you open the floodlight from rear ? How did you open it , what tools did you use ?

Hey juanh,
Any idea if this would work for the Wyze Floodlight Pro?
Looking to take one of these to a 220v country…
Couldn’t find any reference online.

If I had to guess, I’d say yeah it should work. It seems only the camera is different, so I’m pretty sure it should be fine. Try at own risk!

Just a quick update:

Finally got the courage to connect my brand new Wyze Floodlight Pro directly to 220v/50Hz, I can confirm it works perfectly :slight_smile:

So no problem with using the newer Pro version in Europe!

Pretty sure this deems your warranty invalid, though…