Wyze Cam Floodlight Australian Mains (240V AC, 50Hz)


I have 2 Wyze Cam Floodlights I’m keen to install in Australia, but am not sure if I can connect directly to our mains (240V AC, 50Hz).

An electrician I was talking to thought it would destroy equipment designed for USA standards, but I’ve seen mentions of others doing it online.

Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

The specs show 120 volt only. Some power supplies can handle a higher voltage, but I would not risk it. Can your electrician locate a small 240-`120 transformer? I would think they are pretty common.

Or you can check with Wyze. But I think they would err on the safe side and say no.


Thanks mate. Appreciare your time on this.

Transformer it is!

im looking for the same info - found in another forum, someone opened theirs and it said 110v to 240v - can any one confirm?

I am in same boat in NZ. Got 3 of floodlight cam and now looking at getting transformers Or I may just wire V3 wired ones and return these ones.

How did you go and what worked for you ?

Hi. I’ve setup a Wyze floodlight and cam in Perth with a second v3 cam attached, no voltage step down, and it’s running well for a few months now.