I'd like to send a wyze cam from the us to my grandson in Australia. What about power?

I know that Australia is probably 220v and the Wyze cams are 110v . Is there an adaptor that would allow the use of the camera in Australia.

The Wyze power adapter is rated from 100VAC to 240VAC @ 50 to 60Hz, so all your G-son would need is a conversion plug from US two-prong style to Australian… whatever that looks like.

FYI - The Wyze cam actually requires 5VDC, so really any USB power adapter he owns that can convert his native AC voltage to 5VDC (@ 1 amp) AND has the correct mating plug to the cam will work fine.

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Yeah, don’t worry about it. Don’t even send the included adapter, just the cable. Any decent USB power supply and microUSB cable he has should suffice.

I would love to know how this gift had performed for your Grandson?
My daughter lives in Queensland and I’m gifting her and hubby and outdoor cam. I’m assuming it will only require a prong adapter.