Floodlight Pro 220V

Hello everyone

It’s all in the title, I live in France and I have several Wyze cameras with which I am very satisfied (V2,V3, pan cam V1and V2)
I would like to buy the Floodlight PRO, but I need to know if anyone has already run it on 220V.

Thank you for your answers, I wish you an excellent day :slight_smile:

The Tech specs. say 110-120 V AC

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Thank Antonius. But I wanted to know if someone had already connected the Floodlight Pro to 220V, because I know that the first Floodlight worked on 220V despite what is written on the instructions.

here, found for you


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Thank you. I had seen this message on Reddit. I was looking for other people who tried on 220V, to be sure of my purchase.
Because with shipping costs and customs, the Floodlight Pro costs me 200 euros.